from by Te Kooti Brotherhood



Please please believe
I once never ever wanted to be
This man who I now happen to see
Looking deeply, mirrored dimly from my own infamy

And I’m a fashionate sort
Who can swing a few lines to avoid retort
To lend me a lever, hold my doubt
To live in the moment, and not worry it out

I’m still searching for a lever…

I’m a hungry man,
I’m hungry to belong somewhere
To sit in my being preceding believing,
behaving, and all waging, all disgracing

The wages of my sin…
The wages of my sin…
Let the wages of my sin… be …

I’m one for the ruse if the ruse ain’t on me
But how can I know when it just won’t reveal
The person I am in relation to life
This life in the blood, this blood that ain’t mine
This “ain’t mine” I don’t know, if knowing’s for sure
The gods of the Greeks, all comfy withdrawn
Up in the clouds away from the flow
Up where knowing never really did know

But what’s to know?
What’s really to know?


from Adieu, released May 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Te Kooti Brotherhood Auckland, New Zealand

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